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Rowynn Dumont

Chimeric Unrest

In celebration of the upcoming Dia de los Muertos, I present to you the Czech band DekadentFabrik!  

To order the album, contact David Cajthaml with your request by email:
Lyrics in English:
from the slime of egg
you are born
(it fell on the floor of that hotel)
demons in the hair
shout in the wind
ruffle the words
squeeze the speech
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me

Title of their new album: 

Mental Morphosis, with the song Dia de Muertos 


"When I was ten years old we went to Stockholm and visited the Moderna Museet, where they have the great Rauschenberg Monogram (1955-59). It’s the combine with the goat that has the tire around its middle, standing on top of a flat canvas. I remember my encounter with that object in a simultaneously inchoate and very clear way. I remember feeling physically arrested by it. I have a very strong sense memory of being brought up short, catching my breath, and thinking: what is that? 

It seemed pretty mysterious, whatever it was. Remember I’m just a ten-year-old kid, but I’m thinking, or feeling, things like “that’s weird,” or “I’m weird the way that’s weird.” I remember thinking it was funny, but not knowing why. All I knew was I wanted to be around or near that thing.”

MOCA Chief Curator Helen Molesworth.


Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram (detail, 1959)

Danger for vegetarians.- A diet consisting primarily of rice leads to the use of opium and narcotics, just as a diet consisting primarily of potatoes leads to the use of liquor.

Friedrich Nietzsche

THE DIATOMIST is a short documentary about Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement.

Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification.”


Banned Books Week—History Edition

Giordano Bruno revealed ancient secrets of improving memory by writing about the method of loci, also known as the memory palace.

This technique is still used today as a way to memorize vast amounts of information. By “putting away” information into the drawers and rooms of a familiar place in your mind, you can access this info later by mentally “opening” the right drawer. 

Unfortunately, this idea was not accepted during the Roman Inquisition. Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 and his book was on the Vatican Index of Prohibited Books.

Enjoy a completely digitized copy: De umbris idearum, 1582, Bruno Giordano. The Getty Research Institute

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read. This week we’re sharing examples of books from cultural history that have been attacked, vilified, or otherwise banned.

I have had the honor of being the Chair of Board for the First Annual Exhibition at IDSVA(Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts) this year. I also have a few new pieces, that are apart of the “This is England” series, in the exhibition. The catalog for the show is officially out now. You can view it and purchase your own copy at the link below, or click on the image.